Shooting More

It seems over the last few weeks I have been busy with meetings. Mostly to do with prepping up coming projects, both this year and the next. This means I haven’t been shooting as much as I would have like too. This is unfortunate because I also upgraded to the Sony A7Sii and haven’t yet had a chance to shoot anything with it, until yesterday.


My good friend Shylo is a local artist from Vancouver and had a song that she wanted to do a short video for. We chatted about the song and decided to film a oner of her walking down a street in Vancouver, with the fall color leaves on the ground and overhead. It was a simple concept that fit the mood of the song, but still had a bit of a cinematic feel to it. I mounted my Sony A7Sii with 35mm 1.4 o my DJI Ronin and used the Atlas Camera Support to take some of the weight of my arms. The track was 2:49 in length, and it would have been quite difficult to pull off a smooth take for that one shot. I also used the SmallHD 502 mounted on the DJI Ronin in order to see my framing. We filmed in 4K and had the fstop at F6.3. I didn't have a follow focus, so I needed an f stop that gave me enough wiggle room in my distance away from Shylo. We ended up doing 6 takes, with the last one being the best, or at least the one I was most happy with.

As far as editing goes, I used an A7S LUT from Philip Bloom and tweaked it a bit to suite the mood we were going for. I also applied a 3% Warp Stabilization to the overall shot just to smooth out any bumps caused from the walking. I then finished the video in 4K. Might as well if you shot it in 4K!

Overall I am happy with how it turned out and most of all, I am happy that I was able to get out and shoot. Sometimes I feel like I am spending a lot of time prepping and pitching ideas/concepts to future clients (this isn’t a bad thing) but sometimes it's just nice to be shooting something for fun. For that was this project.

I’m just finishing up the final video and I will post it shortly!