Sara's Book

I recently had the chance to create a short piece for our neighbours who lived in the apartment below us and quickly became good friends. They will be moving to Ireland shortly. Sara is a very talented graphic artist who has an obsession with paper. Sara and her husband, Finian, traveled to Europe for their honeymoon this last summer. She created a pop-up book of their vacation and desired to include it in her portfolio. Sara and I decided to exchange our skills. She created my website and brand and, in return, I created the following video for her.

The piece which features Sara and Finian included shooting an interview, the two of them discussing their relationship and the vision for her book. We filmed with both the Sony A7Sii, the Canon 24-70mm, the FS7 and combined the Canon 10mm Macro. After the interview I filmed a ‘top down’ shot (almost Wes Anderson-like) of the entire book. I also then captured some detailed shots of the book pages with a macro lens. I really wanted to emphasize the detail that Sara designed in each page.

Here are a few behind-the-scene stills from the shoot.