The Pants Society

“We made a film about pants” is my opening line when I’m asked to describe our entry for Rode’s Microphone’s ‘My Rode Reel Film Festival’. It’s about ‘The Pants Society’ and what happens when Reginald shows up wearing capris.

The concept was a mishmash of ideas between myself and two other friends from elementary school. We wanted to do something funny, quirky and ultimately something that would stand out from the 1520 other films submitted. After several meetings, the idea of ‘The Pants Society’ was born. After putting a script together, running a joke pass and checking the timing, we had our shooting script. We found a few locations and created a few props. We then wrangled enough talent to create ‘The Society’.

We filmed the short in one day, in almost two locations. The first was all the interiors in a room at our church. The second was at a friends house out in the country. It allowed us to capture a variety of looks for the chase scene. Since our second location was only a few feet away from a major highway, our sound recordist had to get creative with recording talent. To capture the audio, we used a few lav’s and a Rode NTG shotgun mic. For the visuals we captured everything on the Sony FS7; we filmed 1080p on the Slog3.cine picture profile. We used the DJI Mavic Pro to capture a few aerial shots. The majority of what we filmed was on a locked off tripod. No gimbals or sliders were used, however, we included a few whip pans to create a sense of urgency and excitement in the chase scene.

Post production was pretty straight forward. We edited our shooting script and adjusted the scenes for comedic timing to fit our three minute time limit. The only unusual thing that we did was to finish the film in 4:3 aspect ratio. This was decided in prep as we thought this would add to the quirkiness of the story and also help our comedy to stand out. After sharing the video with a few friends and family, they didn’t even realize they watched a film in 4:3. We also recorded a large chunk of ADR in studio due to the second location being just feet away from the highway.  In order to fill out and create a more realistic soundscape, we created some ‘huffing & puffing’, murmuring and background noises of the actors.

‘The Pants Society’ won Best Acting and was nominated for Best Comedy, Best Art Direction and in the top twelve for the overall Judges pick. We were surprised at these outcomes as we really were just happy to have been able to work together and create this fun, entertaining short film...the prizes were definitely a bonus.